The Colour Kitchen & IAMNL Challenge

The Colour Kitchen is more than just a great place to meet, eat and drink. It’s about making a social impact. The Colour Kitchen brings new opportunities for people with distance to the labour market to develop their talents in hospitality. Through education, professional guidance and work experience in catering and restaurants, The Colour Kitchen helps people become certified hospitality professionals.

IamNL helps refugees unlock their potential on the Dutch labour market by providing training and language lessons, finding internships, and putting their talents to good use as skilled and motivated employees. By applying their existing and new labour skills in their work, refugees build work experience, learn the Dutch language and work culture, and take steps toward fulfilling their professional ambitions.

Together, The Colour Kitchen and IamNL bring you the challenge of NO SOCIAL WASTE:

How can we help people, whatever their background or personal history, gain access to the labour market?

Specifically, we are looking for solutions to (any of) the following:

  • How can coaching for people with distance to the labour market be improved?
  • What new opportunities can technology create for people with distance to the labour market?
  • In what ways can we aid people new to Dutch in learning industry terms and technical jargon?