Hiberband: a Low Power Global Area Network 

Hiber has introduced Hiberband: a Low Power Global Area Network. Hiberband connects devices around the world, from Antarctica to Zanzibar, from Ecuador to Eindhoven. A small modem becomes your key to a truly global network of satellites. With an expected battery life of over ten years, you can collect and connect data from even the most remote locations around the world. New insights into climate, farmland, wildlife and much more will help people everywhere improve their lives, and the future of our planet.
What can your Hiberband modem do?
The microsats in the Hiber constellation pass by every point on earth approximately once every 12 hours. This is when you can transmit a small data message with a unique ID, timestamp, GPS location and up to 144 bytes of your own data. The satellite collects these messages until it passes by a ground-station, which makes them instantly available in the cloud.
The challenge:
How can you contribute, in a practical way, to the Global Goals if you could get data from anywhere in the world by using a network of Honano Satellites?
To solve this challenge you can have access to five modems for simulation