About Make Tech Social Hackathon

September 22nd and 23th, 2018

Disruptive  ideas to reach the UN Agenda 2030

With a bunch of social entrepreneurs, economists, young professionals we leverage on the creative potential of Eindhoven and specifically, on the innovative potential of High Tech Campus at Eindhoven to innovate for the sustainable development goals.

HTC is considered to be one of the smartest regions in the world. This gives us not only a responsibility but also opportunities to build bridges between stakeholders and professionals who are involved with and interested in the Global Goals.

During this hackathon, people from different disciplines and expertise will be committed to solving to solving five local challenges for two complete days. These challenges are social a/o environmental issues related to the Global Goals and are framed by the partners involved, such as: Colour Kitchen, High Tech Campus, Circulo, Hiber, and more.

Over the course of two days (Saturday and Sunday), participants will work on teams to develop proof-of-concepts, prototypes or demos. This ‘invention game’ is concluded in a pitch to a professional jury that awards serious prizes for the best concepts.

Our Challenges

Challenge 1.

How can you contribute, in a practical way, to the Global Goals if you could get data from anywhere in the world by using a network of Honano Satellites?. Read More

Challenge 2.

What can you do to promote a healthy lifestyle in the Drents Dorp neighborhood in Eindhoven?. Read More.

Challenge 3.

How can we use technology to help people, whatever their background or personal history, gain access to the labor market?. Read More. 

Challenge 4.

How can you create conditions so expats feel at home in Eindhoven and they can become part of the social fabric of the city?. Read More

Challenge 5.

What can we do to make the High Tech Campus Eindhoven the most sustainable Campus of Europe in 2025? Read More

We have a Professional Jury and more than 4000 euros on prizes:

First prize – € 1500,-

Second price – € 1000,-

Third price (3x) – € 500,-

Hiberband prize: Developer Kit / Connectivity


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Our Way of working

Source Talents

Millenials are a tech-savvy generation that is going to burden the responsibility to lead the world in the coming decades. We aim to mobilise and source talented, millennials, dedicated and committed to the sustainable development goals.  We aim to form a community of young leaders and nurture and support them in their endeavour to be the change.


We match young promising changemakers with existing structures and leaders dedicated to the sustainable development goals. With our extensive network, we aim to support Millenials with disruptive ideas access to coaching services, capital and distribution channels.

Foster startups beyond ideation phase

Beyond hackathons, we aim to get ideas committed to reaching the sustainable development goals get validated and go to the market. Guiding the process beyond the hackathon is vital.

A little bit of our background

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Who is organizing this?


The Global Goals Platform is a non-profit organization with the mission to enable and empower tech-savvy millennials who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurship journey with matchmaking, resource- and consultancy services. We are a team of committed partners thirsty to contribute to this world and are in the process of forming the perfect framework for tackling wicked goals of the modern world.