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Diamond Sponsors

They are a professional hospitality business with a big (social) heart. They empower people with a distance to the labor market by offering them work and coaching. By booking your events, meetups, workshops here you get great services and support a great cause.


The Colour Kitchen supports us with their location, great hospitality and service. They are a great role model of how social enterprises can make real impact, while operating a stable business. Next to the High Tech Campus Color Kitchen location, they have set up 24 other locations nationwide.

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The High Tech Campus is considered the smartest square kilometer in the world.  Approximately 11.000 people work here for 200 high tech companies. An untapped goldmine of knowledge and talent!

Why don’t we ask these clever guys and girls to help solve complex socio-economic problems? The High Tech Campus has a great open innovation model, with which they contribute society. 

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Rijnland is a group of seasoned industrial engineers and managers concerned with how our economic system is developing. They advocate for the “Rijnland-model” of organising our economy and society.

They sponsor us with their great expertise and network. Regularly they organise workshops and help us organise activities.

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Gold Sponsors

Spierings Research & Consultancy helps organisations to map their results, stories and (change management) processes in an accessible and visual way. Your story, clearly in view.

They support us through project management, content and expertise on the public and social sector.

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YamZa is a strategy & innovation consultancy company with an expertise on cross-industry innovation. A brainchild of Yama Saraj, social entrepreneur and advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Facing and acknowledging the challenges of social entrepreneurship, this crazy economist with too much energy saw an opportunity. This opportunity led to a platform to enable and empower millennials & expats from Brainport region to innovate for the sustainable development goals.



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Stichting MAD (established in 1995) was founded as an artist’s initiative and has developed into an extremely active organization of enthusiastic volunteers. Every member utilises their chosen specialty to further the connection between art, science and technology.

MAD acts as a laboratory, platform and provider for ‘emergent art’: art that flows out of the tension existing between cultural and technological developments. MAD maximises its interactions by targeting a wide range of groups including artists, developers, designers, scientists, technologists, public organisations, educational institutions, government departments and companies. This is achieved at the regional, national and international level. Modern networks such as internet, ICT and new media offer the means to research, produce, present, distribute and discuss in an interactive way that is accessible to a broad audience.

They support us with great content and organization of a hackathon format

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Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend

MADspace foundation. The first official hackerspace in Eindhoven. Founded on July 25, 2013, in Eindhoven.  Read about its history here

They are facilitating a hacker community, especially (though not exclusively) for the Eindhoven region, by facilitating and stimulating activities in the field of science and technology and the interfaces with creativity, innovation, art and culture; performing all further actions, which are related to the foregoing in the widest sense or which may be conducive thereto.

They support us with their expertise on newest ICT opportunities offer. Also, they advise us regarding privacy and safety

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The maker movement is a social movement with an artisan spirit. Maker culture emphasises learning-through-doing (active learning) in a social environment. In Eindhoven, the Eindhoven Maker Faire is the festival where makers come together to celebrate and showcase their creativity.

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Why Become A Sponsor?

We aim to bridge the gap between civil society, corporate business and academia through our hands-on approach of just doing things. Please consider supporting this initiative. We would love to get in touch and discuss your corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.  Once per two weeks, we strive to get together at the Color Kitchen in the Strip high Tech Campus on Friday to kickstart new cases and discuss how to facilitate good initiatives.

  • Source Talents and great disruptive idea’s
  • Matchmaking with established structures and initiatives
  • Foster startups beyond ideation phase

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