Sustainability of the High Tech Campus

The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is known as the smartest square kilometer in the world. This comes from the many patents that the resident companies of the High Tech Campus have acquired over the years. This smartness attracts smartness in many forms, for example the 11,000+ university level employees and the unique open innovation culture.

As the most innovative area in the world, High Tech Campus is also concerned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Not only by means of the research taking place to improve well-being, but also by providing incentives for environmentally friendly business practices, like using bikes on Campus, turning of devices when not in use and using a heat-cold storage system.

But there is the ambition to do more. In line with their reputation as being the smartest square kilometer in the world, the vision was expressed that the High Tech Campus would be the most sustainable research Campus in Europe by 2025.


– what energy sources can the High Tech Campus use to be more sustainable?

– How can the employees of the High Tech Campus be involved in making this change?

– What are good ideas to improve the High Tech Campus even more?

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