Comité van aanbeveling, liefde en aandacht

Without the support and endorsement of great mentors around us, we would not be able to realise this event. We are utmost grateful for their support and guidance

Sjaak Evers

A business administrator who brings people together on the basis of equality

Loes Vialle

Trainer Professional Skills at Eindhoven University of Technology

Poul Bakker

Playful and experiential learning trainer/consultant

René Paré

Program Director at Eindhoven Maker Faire

Bas Donkers

Interim Project Manager at Horeca & Leisure at The Colour Kitchen B.V.

Ineke Hurkmans

Founder Jump Movement, co-Founder IamNL, spreker, sociaal betrokken global citizen.

Wim Langenhoff

Wim was a creative genius,  a chemist, innovator, pioneer, philosopher, musician and many things more. He was a great inspirator for this initiative.   Unfortunately, Wim passed away due to a tragic accident. Shocked with unbelief, considering to cancel the event, we convinced ourselves to pursue this as Wim was a passionate activist for social inclusion and technology as an enabler of progress and prosperity.  Rest in peace Wim Langenhoff.

About us

Our Goal

The Hack Global Goals (HGG) Platform aims to contribute to the Sustainable Global Goals by facilitating technological innovation both locally and internationally. On the one hand, the HGG Platform brings together professionals, inhabitants, expats, companies, foundations and neighbourhoods to work on local (social) challenges. On the other hand, the HGG Platform aims to facilitate Eindhoven’s large expat community to transfer technological innovation back to their country of origin. Here the integration of knowledge between expats and the local community is used to achieve the global goals both locally and internationally.

Our mission

We are believers, motivators and match-makers. We believe that each person possesses a unique potential in the grand scheme of things and that each individual can show their talents in role right for them. We also believe we are going to need to bring all of those talents together to make dent in the challenges that face today’s world.

Connecting people is what makes us passionate about Sustainable Development. Our team itself comprises of people from varied backgrounds who share the same vision of using technological innovation as a way to accelerate the SDGs.  Let us do the same for you! Come work with us and ask us for the help and connections you need to bring your ideas to life.

Our Team

Yama, an Afghan and Dutch professional, has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master in Strategic Management. He has been working in development assistance in countries like Afghanistan, Kosovo and DR Congo. His passion lies in entrepreneurship and its importance and relevance for sustainable development. Part of this community made him think about how Eindhoven can be involved with the SDG’s.  He’s advocating to set up a social entrepreneurship accelerator in Eindhoven with a focus on tech-savvy millennials to leverage on the tech and design scene in his city. 

Daniëlle is a Dutch professional living in Eindhoven. She has a broad academic background, which has fuelled her passion and talent for interdisciplinary thinking. She studied Liberal arts & Science (BSc), participated in the Outreaching excellence program (BSc) and has two master’s degrees in Political Science (MSc) and Victimology & Criminal Justice (MSc). Currently, Daniëlle is working as a consultant in the public sector. Her projects mostly revolve around government & citizen participation, social innovation, cultural diversity and the ‘Omgevingswet’. Her mission is to engage society, government and science with one another. She is an experienced project manager, strategic thinker, researcher and interested in data visualization. She is passionate about ‘making tech social’ by facilitating technical innovation in the public and social sector.

Mayra  is a Mexican and Dutch professional with a chemical and environmental engineering background (BSc, MSc) and she just finalized a MBA program focusing on strategy, innovation, and new business development. She is a business consultant in sustainable development and possesses strong analytical and critical thinking skills. She has worked as process and development engineer in countries like China. She also is experienced in business development for emerging markets where she empowered people to change their lives. Mayra has a holistic approach which allows her to effectively work and communicate in international environments and across multiple disciplines. Her interest is combining entrepreneurial and innovative ideas with digital technology for a social cause.

Niranjana, an Indian and working in the Netherlands since 2017 has completed her Masters in Electrical Engineering. She has worked on building a start-up for providing solar-powered lighting solutions for development of local businesses. Her experience and knowledge throw light on impact of technology on socio-economic status of the region. She currently works as an Electrical Engineer for a firm manufacturing electric vehicles. She has a passion for working in inter-disciplinary problems and product development. Her knowledge in engineering and passion for sustainable development drive her to work for organisations that focus on technology, while contributing to make the world a better place.

Do you want to be part of our team?