Hackathon 4 the sustainable development goals

September 21 – 23, 2018, Eindhoven

Disruptive  ideas to reach the  UN Agenda 2030

About Hack Global Goals

The Netherlands, just as 150 other countries committed itself to the UN agenda 2030, also known as the Global Goals.  Yet it is estimated that per year we are short of an investment of 2.5 trillion USD to reach these goals by 2030. The world needs radically disruptive ideas that change the status quo and help us reach these global goals.

Source Talents

Millenials are a tech-savvy generation that is going to burden the responsibility to lead the world in the coming decades. We aim to mobilise and source talented, millennials, dedicated and committed to the sustainable development goals.  We aim to form a community of young leaders and nurture and support them in their endeavour to be the change.


We match young promising changemakers with existing structures and leaders dedicated to the sustainable development goals. With our extensive network, we aim to support Millenials with disruptive ideas access to coaching services, capital and distribution channels.

Foster startups beyond ideation phase

Beyond hackathons, we aim to get ideas committed to reaching the sustainable development goals get validated and go to the market. Guiding the process beyond the hackathon is vital.


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